Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Go Media Free Vector Stocks

Go Media is the best source so far when dealing with vector graphics. They have this huge big-ass archive of vector stocks and they keep updating it with fresh stocks every now and then. The term they use is Professional Design Weaponry. Cool huh??

Anyway, do check out their Arsenal Section coz they're giving out few sets of vector from time to time. At the meantime, just download these sets of goodies.

download from mirror site

btw guys, if u use some of the stocks here, do email me with ur designs n stuff at boi@tepakbridal.com ..i might post it here.

Diy Papercut Dolls

Hi guys,
so ok this time it's Papercut dolls, u can actually download the dolls cutout version in *.pdf format (see figure 02) ..the catch is, ofcoz, cut the damn thing urself!!! There's a reason why it's called DIY DUH!!!! :P Anyway U can find it HERE

figure 02

They have loads of designs. I already printed out some of them..now, where do i put my cutter & rulers just now??? Haih

Credits goes to readymech

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mini Space Design Competition

The Design Competition is back! Reinterpret the topic "Urban Oasis" by designing a background for the MINI Space website. Win exposure, fame and prizes!

Gert Hildebrand, director of MINI Design, and his team will choose their favourite design, which will be awarded with a shiny new, lightweight MacBook Air! *drooling*

Enter the Competition

Create your Urban Oasis

Drop everything and design a background for minispace.com. Your designs will be shown on MINI Space where members can vote for their favourites and the three most popular designs win a prize!

In addition, Gert Hildebrand, director of MINI Design, and his team will choose their favourite design, which will be awarded with a shiny new, lightweight Apple MacBook Air!

How to Participate
Reinterpret the topic "Urban Oasis" by designing a background for the MINI Space website. For the perfect fit, your image should be 1280x800 pixels in size and JPG format.

24 days left. Upload at least one design/photo until 14th of November, 11:59am GMT.

Prizes (click for info)

1st - iPod Touch 32 GB
2nd - MINI Visionaire Sound - Limited Edition
3rd - A pair of Onitsuka Tiger shoes
Special Award by Gert Hildebrand & his team: Apple Macbook Air

Free Hugs!!! Any taker?

All The Same - Sick Puppies

ntah macam mane aku teremo plak lepas tgk vclip haram ini..walopon dah berulang kali gak la aku dgr..tapi hari nih lain mcm plak. maybe hujan, sejuk, otak serabut sbb byk album pending kena buat kot...

free hugs??korang aser ader ke manusia yang sebangang itu membuat sebegini kat mesia nih?? aku penah plan nak try buat kat KLCC..namun kemungkinan kena ligan dan direndam dlm kolam sisa najis kumbahan klcc dengan pak guard amatlah besar..aku penah dgr citer ader org kena sound pasal berdating kat taman KLCC..bukan beromen kat tangga melepaskan nafsu kuda mereka di khayalak ramai. hanya dengan berpegangan tangan jer, kena sound di depan org..kalo melayu it's understandable la kot, tapi kes ni yang kena sound warga cina...siap saman2 pelbagai...haih mcm tak masuk akal plak, so korang bayangkan la kalo itu pon dah kena apetah lagi la kalo aku yang muka cam pelakon blue russia nih tetiba plak offer nak pelok org secara percuma. lantas arakian, aku luper kan aje la plan asal..aku terlalu petite dan erotis utk itu..cukup je la tangan aku memelok gf aku sorang jer aummm *blushing*

anyway, kalo aku aser mcm down jer ke ape ke, aku akan carik video ni cepat2 sebelom aku berubah menjadi beruang madu yang cumil. (sepatutnyer bertukar menjadi lebeh ganas). ahahah sering kali dicaci cerca oleh opismet. "muka mcm pelagak ngeri, barbaric abis, tapi dlm kuntum". haih aku berjiwa seni...cepat tersentuh *blushing lagi*

aku aser dorang2 yang kat tampok pemerintahan negara pon kena amalkan benda nih...takde la huruhara cam skang nih. ngan hindraf2 skali semer la...tapi siyes, pada yang bau bawang tu aku cadangkan siler mandi wajib 8 kali dulu sblm nak pelok aku ok??

Kerawang Craze

It's FREE!!! 'nuf said.

LifeStyle Vector Stock

If u guys are into spoiled girls with stick figure n puffy lips, then this is definitely the one for u..huge collection of nightlife girls in skimpy outfit for u to download...n guess what??? IT'S FREE!!!! (ooiii!!! u guys better belanja me teh tarik or something later). All credits goes to Designers Revolution.

free girls, low maintenance...what more can a normal, straight, warm-blooded guy ask for???

Download Vector Illustrated - Life Style Girls - Package 1

Download Vector Illustrated - Life Style Girls - Package 2

Vector Cars

I dun have the slightest idea what do they get from all this. The design is totally awesome and they giving it FREE!!! What are they thinking???

Check out this BLOG n u know what i'm talking about... Shhheehhh What do they teach kids in design school nowadays???

Vector Cars

Vector Magic 2.0

While browsing, i found myself 1 eeffing nifty online tool..

Vector Magic allows you to convert bitmap images to vector directly from their website. The process is fully automated, so for those of you who's having the 'i'm-too-lazy-to-trace-it-layer-by-layer' syndrome, this is definitely a useful tool for u.

Vector Magic is extremely easy to use. Upload your image, select your configuration and let the system handle the rest. When it’s done, just download the vector output of your image. It can either be in *.eps, *.pdf, *.svg or *.png format. Click here to read more about using Vector Magic.

But unfortunately, it's no longer free, they'll give u two token upon signing up. Which mean u can convert only two images for free. But hey, it's better than nothing right?? eeerrrmmm i think it's time for me to create another email account..*hint hint*

anyway, gud luck guys

Free vector collection

i found this HUGE collection of vector stock for u guys to play with..best part is...IT'S EFFING FREE!!!all credits goes to http://allday.ru
just download it...u know what i mean

Download from mirror site


have u ever been in a dream where u're not really sure whether u're awake or still dreaming??seems like everything is nice and dandy, all are well placed n u just can't stop smiling??

i had one few weeks back, having it ever since..if this is a DREAM, dun u dare wake me up!!!

what we see depends mainly on what we look for.

when it's dark enuf..u can see the stars

this is my 3rd attempt starting a blog..it's not that i dun write...i just dunno what the hell i'm suppose to write, somehow the idea of a guy whining about his everyday life doesn't feel quite right..dun u think??

but here goes, *drum rolling* tada..my 1st entry

"tiada ku tahu, di malam sesunyi ini
terbuka jalan seluas dunia

gudnite world...cheers n god bless