Friday, January 23, 2009

HDR Tutorial


HDR effect with Photomatix

For this short tutorial I will use Photomatix but you can use whatever software you like. The RAW file used will be available and I think it would be great if more readers shared their results here. To do that just leave a comment with the final image and a comment explaining how you did it.

I'm not an expert and I'm always searching for the best ways to improve my photo and HDR skills.

1 way to do it is by Auto-Exposure Bracketing (AEB). If your camera offers AEB, select the Continuous Shooting mode, make sure the camera is set to Aperture Priority, and select an exposure increment of +/-2. The camera will automatically vary the shutter speed each time the shutter button is pressed, taking several exposures spaced by two f-stops.

You may have to change the exposures manually if your camera does not bracket in steps greater than 1, or if it can only take 3 auto-bracketed frames when the dynamic range of the scene requires 5 or more.

Anyway, As I had only one RAW file, I created 3 different images with different exposures: -3, 0,+3. You can do that in Photoshop, or any other tool. Save all the images in JPEG.

Now in Photomatix, go to Process>Generate HDR. Select the 3 images and press OK.

Change the Specify E.V spacing to 3 and press OK. Another dialog box will open, just press OK again. It asks you if you want Photomatix to align the images and other options, but as we are working with 3 different files from the same image that wont be a problem.
Step 4
Here is where the magic works, the
Tone Mapping. Actually this is the part where you adjust the settings to create the HDR. To be honest, there's no fixed adjustment for a particular kind of picture. It all depends on how well is the lighting or how u want the HDR effect to be and etc etc.

It takes some 'trail and error' to get that particular kind of HDR fx that u want, but here's my setting for this picture anyway.


After 30 minutes playing with the values I got a nice result. Maybe you can get a much better than mine, if so, share with us the values you use and the final image in a comment.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stock Mix Vector (music)

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Stock Mix Vector

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Professional Retouching Tutorial

In this tutorial I will complete a professional photographic retouching from start to finish. Before watching please note that there is a lot of information in this video to absorb, so watch and re-watch areas that you find more advanced. This is a 40 minute video, I'd recommend pausing it at regular intervals before continuing so that you fully understand all the processes. Some of the areas covered in this video are:

– Colour Correction
– Reshaping Features (Figure, Eyes, Lips, Cheeks, etc)
– Adjusting tonal values
– Grading the image
– Simulating a Realistic Depth of Field Simulation
– Selective Enhancement of areas

There are a lot of sub-techniques and sub-processes that go into each of the above, so if you've got a question leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Ultimate Law

Yeah I know, I know..this got nothing to do with vectors, art n such. It's just something to do with ur everyday living, whether u're a designer or even a 'Tea lady'. I dun really know how far this is true, but well, i think being positive and grateful in our everyday life doesn't hurt.

anyway, i found this article some time ago. Just have a go. U'll see life is not really what it seems.

"Are you aware of what a powerful creator you are? Do you know that everything that is happening to you or has ever happened to you is, without exception, in full response to your thoughts — and more importantly — the emotions behind those thoughts? Take a look at your life. There are probably some areas you're really happy with and some areas you're not so happy with. You may even believe you are a victim of your circumstances. I'm here to tell you, you are not a victim! It's simply a matter of understanding how to play the Game (of Life) by understanding the rules...the Laws that define the Game.

Would you agree that whether you believe in the law of gravity or not, it exists? It is the same with Universal Laws. They exist and affect you whether you are aware of them or not. However, Universal Laws are far more powerful than gravity. Gravity affects earth. Universal Laws are infinite and beyond all boundaries.

Of all the Laws, the single most powerful law is the Law of Attraction which says: "That which is likened unto itself is drawn" or more simply put, "Like attracts like". This means that what you are focused on, you draw it to you. Here's how it works. When you are focused on what you want, you are attracting to you what you want. When you are focused on what you do not want, you are attracting to you what you do not want.

Okay, I can sense you rumbling out there and your thoughts are probably going something like "So if it's that simple and clear, why haven't we known this before?" Or, "I've been focused on wanting more money for years, so why hasn't it come to me?"

The Law is that simple. However, our thoughts are usually very unfocused and running in many directions at once. For example, you may say "I want a sleek new sportscar." In that moment, the Universe is orchestrating circumstances and events to bring it to you. And yet, usually, in the same sentence, we sabotage ourselves by saying something like, "but I can't afford it." So, in essence, the Universal forces say, "Wait a minute. Now he says he can't afford it." And you stop the energy flow.

So, take it a step further. When you are thinking about wanting a new sportscar, but feeling you can't afford it, where are your emotions vibrating? In most cases, they are vibrating in feelings of lack; feelings that you want something you really cannot have. Can you see how, by not understanding this Law — that our thoughts and emotions are our attraction base — we hold things away from us we could otherwise have?

Let's take the example of money. You say you've been wanting more money for as long as you've been alive. When you think of wanting more money, how do you feel about it? Happy? Elated? Or frustrated? Angry? Sad? Maybe, jealous of those who do have money? In my experience, this particular subject has more people on an emotional roller-coaster than all other subjects combined. The good news is that it doesn't matter how long you've felt this way or how can literally turn it around and begin flowing money to you by consciously and deliberately practicing the Law of Attraction through your thoughts and feelings.

Anything in your life you want to change, you can — simply by understanding the Law of Attraction, and choosing to deliberately change your thoughts and constantly reach for the thought that feels better. The way you predominantly feel about any given subject is your barometer for knowing what your balance of thought is on that subject. The circumstances of your life is another indicator. If you're ever wondering which end of the barometer your thoughts are on, check in with your emotions. Your emotions never lie about the way you are flowing your energy."

p/s: Yeah RIGHT!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Suicidal Romanticia

It's been really tiring. i'm beginning to get bored when everyone seemed to have many assumptions and opinions on how we should live our lifes. They seemed to know every way, all the turns and the round-a-bouts. They've been there, they've done that bla bla bla. The saddest part of it all is when we let them get into our head. What seemingly be a normal and happy day will end up in some kinda mess. We're having 2nd thoughts about everything, our decisions in the past doesn't seem to be as accurate anymore.

It's really kinda hard to appease ppl when u left your heart in dismay.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Hoyeah... I'm experimenting with some effects n stuff, dun really have any idea how's the end result is gonna be, but it turns out alrite dun u think?. I did an entry for this kind of tutorial some time ago and u shud be able to find it here. Have fun!!!

p/s: this is the layout for MobileWorld coming issue for Celebrity Connections

10000 Famous logo Collection

Shutterstock Colourful Background

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cool Headers

Girls, girls, girls

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Urban Style T-Shirt Design in CorelDRAW

Photoshop Brushes part 2

Download: pixelmoonstudio

Femininity Vector

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sparkling Hotties Tuts

I’ve seen some very nice images mixing photos with light effects and sparks. If you go to flickr in those Photoshop and Graphic Design groups you will see images with this effect. There’s a designer, I think he's Brazilian, who has some amazing designs using this style, his name is Leandro Demetrius and it’s really worth checking him out.

Anyway, here's a tutorial using that same kinda fx for u guys from Abduzeedo. There are tons of tuts on his website. Click here

Dancing Beauty

Download: letitbit

St Valentine Vector Clip

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Water Splash

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Monday, January 12, 2009

The Art of Camera Tossing

What is Camera Tossing? A Camera Toss photo is made by tossing your camera into the air. "Tossing? Are you crazy?" - yes!!! ;-) It doesn't have to be ur expensive DSLR ofcoz, just a normal consumer camera will do, even a cameraphone works fine. The camera is not necessarily tossed very high into the air. Normally you toss the camera about 10 to 20 cm high, sometimes even less. As a subject are mainly used any kind of lights sources like neon signs, TV screens, computer monitors and and..sigh the possibilities are endless.

ehehehe so are you curious now? Have fun and discover the World Of Camera Tossing.

Be careful
Yes it sounds obvious, but I don't think this point can be over stated. Your photographic equipment is important to you and is probably quite expensive, so think before you toss! For example dramatic lighting conditions give good results, but will also make it hard to catch the camera if you loose sight of it.

Have fun
In my eyes the process of taking the shots should be as enjoyable as viewing the results, there is a certain feeling I get when I launch hundreds of pounds worth of camera equipment in to the air and although it probably shouldn't be it is a good feeling. I think this is one of the main factors that keeps me coming back for more.

As aforementioned the camera tossing phenomenon is very new so there is no such thing as an expert, no official guidelines as such, nobody has done it all and camera tossing seems to mean different things to different people, so do what feels right for you and explore the photographic opportunities which present themselves.

Set your camera to 'slow shutter speed' (some digital still camera has this feature) then toss it away!!!

And again, if you ever crazy enuf to try Camera Tossing don’t forget one very important thing: Catch your camera after you toss it! DUH!!!

And 1 more thing, I accepts no responsibility for any injuries to YOU or damage to YOUR photographic equipment sustained during the tossing process! Try at your own effing risk :P

Have fun!!!

Camera Tossing at flickr


Pictures taken from

Silhouette? (i use to call it 'selulit' :P ) Maybe for beginner this is a new word. So, I just wanna describe it a little bit. For me, this kind of technique is kinda awesome! Why don’t try it for yourself! It's really kinda easy. I have read many of article in magazine and in internet. There's so many effing tips and tricks you can learn.

So, what is 'Selulit'?

Contre-jour, French for 'against daylight', refers to photographs taken when the camera is pointing directly toward the source of light. An alternative term is backlighting or silhouettes.

Contre-jour produces backlighting of the subject. This effect usually hides details, causes a stronger contrast between light and dark, creates silhouettes and emphasizes lines and shapes. The sun, or other light source, is often seen as either a bright spot or as a strong glare behind the subject.Fill light may be used to illuminate the side of the subject facing toward the camera.

My Silhouette Tips
When you are getting ready to take your silhouette pictures, there are a couple things u shud keep in mind. These tips work for both digital and film photography. Make sure you never point the lens directly at the sun. If there is too much light, the light will fall on your object. If there is not enough light, your background will become gloomy and your subject will blend too much with the background. The
main key to silhouette lighting is having your background lighter than your object, which mean, your object shud be in between you and the source of light (sun, lamp etc etc) and it can be done in more ways then one. Many photographers focus on a certain time of day, where their subject is, what kind of weather there is and where the sun positioned in the frame. If you want to take a picture when sunset, be sure to bring a tripod with u. It’s important. Even a photographer sifu can get their hands a lil bit shaky when it comes to low-light environment.

p/s: dun worry, it's not u. Even me myself having trouble trying to understand what the hell i'm talking about sometime.

Try Not To Cry Little One

I am so disturbed by what i've seen in newspapers. The pictures was so horrible for me to stomach, let alone trying to read the stories. How can anyone stomach it and move on to live their daily life, especially the Zionist Regime. Ya Allah, tamatkanlah penderitaan Palestine.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Vector Sports Car

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Sexy mexy Girls Collection

Sexy girls in skimpy outfit nyum nyum....go get them guys!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Revolution of Branding

Not sure if the sources are correct because got this from email. How many times their change the branding but still it looks stronger then before. I like what they did with Nokia. Just my 2 cents, Palm shudn't really change their logo to orange. The blue one's better.

Neil Duerden

Neil Durden (UK, Manchester) the most trendy designer I find out last year. There are more then 100 amazing graphic works in his portfolio! His design is a balanced mixing of photo objects and vector shapes. Plus he is playing with different colors, simple 3D effects and floristic ornaments. And don’t forget to visit “motion” directory in his portfolio, you won’t be disappointed by his dynamic, bright and awesome ad clips.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Cool Background

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