Monday, January 12, 2009


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Silhouette? (i use to call it 'selulit' :P ) Maybe for beginner this is a new word. So, I just wanna describe it a little bit. For me, this kind of technique is kinda awesome! Why don’t try it for yourself! It's really kinda easy. I have read many of article in magazine and in internet. There's so many effing tips and tricks you can learn.

So, what is 'Selulit'?

Contre-jour, French for 'against daylight', refers to photographs taken when the camera is pointing directly toward the source of light. An alternative term is backlighting or silhouettes.

Contre-jour produces backlighting of the subject. This effect usually hides details, causes a stronger contrast between light and dark, creates silhouettes and emphasizes lines and shapes. The sun, or other light source, is often seen as either a bright spot or as a strong glare behind the subject.Fill light may be used to illuminate the side of the subject facing toward the camera.

My Silhouette Tips
When you are getting ready to take your silhouette pictures, there are a couple things u shud keep in mind. These tips work for both digital and film photography. Make sure you never point the lens directly at the sun. If there is too much light, the light will fall on your object. If there is not enough light, your background will become gloomy and your subject will blend too much with the background. The
main key to silhouette lighting is having your background lighter than your object, which mean, your object shud be in between you and the source of light (sun, lamp etc etc) and it can be done in more ways then one. Many photographers focus on a certain time of day, where their subject is, what kind of weather there is and where the sun positioned in the frame. If you want to take a picture when sunset, be sure to bring a tripod with u. It’s important. Even a photographer sifu can get their hands a lil bit shaky when it comes to low-light environment.

p/s: dun worry, it's not u. Even me myself having trouble trying to understand what the hell i'm talking about sometime.


nodadosa said...

lu nak amek gamba selulit gua? takyah pakai tripod pon leh shoot clear punya