Sunday, November 30, 2008



Jin bayek.

1st time i saw his work years ago, i was amazed. My jaw drop a few meter to the floor. Cair wa akap ama lu bai. Sgt2 cool to have this kind of artist around, we shud have more in fact. Me? Nak baca jawi pon terketar2, let alone doing something as remarkable as this.

He's specialise in Islamic Caligraphies and Ambigrams. The most ridiculous thing is the process of making it. He told me he's doing it without sketching it 1st. He just open his illustrator n do it straight away. Hiah, some lucky bastard are born with talents. *hantuk kepala kat monitor laju2*.
Exarxil Ambigram

He can change ur name into beautiful Caligraphy or Ambigram. Well, for a small fee ofcoz. What?? U expect everything's for free meh??

Tepak Bridal Official Logo :)

Visit his blog and join me 'hantuk'ing our head to the monitor as fast as we can. hns hnss

Link: Awangpurba

Islamic Caligraphy Vector

p/s : it's suppose to be 76 art 'ISLAMIC' not 'ISALMIC'

I'm sooooooooooo into caligraphies and ambigrams. I found this collection sometime ago n i think it's not fair for me to have it all for myself. Sharing is caring peeps.

76 pieces of beautiful Caligraphy Vector in .*eps file for u to play around with. Allahuakhbar, Indah sungguh nama Mu.

Download: rapidshare

GoMedia Vector Pact

GoMedia's done it again. Included in the set of Arsenal are Bound, Flow, Robots, 3D Skulls, Apparel, XTreme Sports, and Too Sexy for ur eyes to see.

Download : rapidshare

Vector Card Template

Free goodies again. It contains 4 *.eps files for u to play around with.

Download : rapidshare

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tony Ariawan

He commented on my blog quite some time ago. I'm a bit curious who the hell is this guy, soooooo, i did a bit of googling and boy, am I suprised. I'm both amazed and in awe after seeing all his works. The best i've seen so far. I can only dream i can be half as good as him. (which is a long way to go haih)

Tony Ariawan turns photos into a photon ballet or Incredible lightness of being. Beautiful colors. Some of the most original I’ve seen in a long time. His works is really an eye candy.

Apparently, his website is still under constructions, but u can view his cool online portfolio at area105 . I hope you enjoy as much as i did. Cheers!!!

All Size Wallpaper

Haih.. aser mcm dah lame jer tak update blog keji ini. Been really bz lately with whole lotta stuff, adoilaaaa. But it's ok, it's the stuff that i love to do. Well, in most part anyway.

Ok, enuf with the whining. So this time around it's about wallpapers. I found this cool blog that posted wallpapers in all sizes, even for your iPhone/iPod Touch. A collective of all cool wallpapers that could be found around the net. DA most of it.. (im drooling for the sexy ones ~~)

anyway, if u guys found any artsy fartsy thingy, do let me know aite???
enjoy !!!

Classy iPhone/iPod inspired coaster

Care for your new coffee-table? How about some classy coasters to go with your Mac? Check out these babies from Meninos.

For all Apple/Mac freaks, as myself, this must be the perfect christmas gift. These sixteen Mac inspired coasters from US based studio
Meninos are yours for $60. The price tag might be a bit brimful if I may say so, blow a hole in my wallet but they are hand made and look pretty neat so why not?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Simple Popup Greeting Cards

Oh how i love what we can do with simple piece of plain papers. Soooo fascinated by it. This time around it's popup greeting cards.

The cool thing about his website is, there's a section that teaches u how to make ur own popup cards, some with .*pdf files that u can download. murah rezeki mamat nih eheheheh. all u need is couple piece of high quality papers, scissors, paper cutter and glue.

so next time for ur bf or gf birthday, instead of u lazy bastards buy a greeting card at MPH, buat la sendri beb..then u can brag to her/his frens that u do it urself all night long. Walauweiiiiiii.....naik saham korang weh. pastu mlm skit korang dpt hadiah special plak dari bf/gf korang ehehehe tested n proven effective by pros...try la!!!

p/s: kad babi tu aku akan bagi kat ellyrocker maser besday dia

Thursday, November 13, 2008

GoMobile Floor Battle

OK guys, this is not really my thing but well, i guess it's a fun thing to see all the so-called 'bboys' jumping around, doing the upside down twist thingy, break some major tendons and have their neck sore the next morning.

Anyway, the 1st prize is gonna be RM2k. Worth breaking ur neck. Entries are limited so send ur entry asap. Gudlak y'all ehehehe

more infos go to

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vector collection set-2

Yet another amazing vector collection from istock. Over 30 cool new vector for u to play with. download it while it still hot!

Direct download

Vector collection set-1

Amazing collection of istock vector files, various sets, excellent quality. Just one RAR file that includes a PDF catalog for easy viewing. Containing over 30 *.eps files at your disposal.

Direct downloads

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Hu Yi Wei - Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Shanghai with bright and colorful artworks. I hope you’d like it as I do. Here's some of his work. U can download loads more here.

I try to find his Website but it's a dead link. So what i have is just his DA portfolio. His artworks is like an eye candy to me. *drooling* For u who's having the brain-dead sickness, hope this helps for ur reference.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Photoshop Brushes

Yes i am completely aware that this is not a vector entry. But hey!!! it's free. There a tons of free quality photoshop brushes from around the net. They update their archive for fresh ps brushes quite regularly so do bookmark it.

The site also has vector section. U can download all of the vector artworks n u can also upload some of ur own there. cool huh??

It can be found at Qbrushes. Have fun

Mega Electronic Vector Devices

I found this a couple of weeks ago, i think it's about time i share it with the rest of the world.

Over 70 awesome, cun melecun, meletop tebaboom, terbayek, cool, amazing electronic device collection in vector at your disposal. This package has it all, *.ai, *.eps and *.cdr, n it's the best i've seen so far. Being the Mobile phones / gadgets Magazine graphic designer, this is definitely a big help. A personal note to all you lazy bastard out there (including myself ehehe), bow your head humbly to YOU ROCK!!

Anyway, Do drop me a line if u guys found some stuff to share at Will definitely post it here when i have the time.

Download at

It's gonna be 1 hectic month

it's been a while since i last update anything. Been bz with stuffs n shits. Sometime i wish i can separate myself into 2 so i can finish everything twice the speed *berangan mode*. Anyway, do visit Tepak Bridal Photography for my latest work.

So guys, here's some DIY goodies for u guys to play with. It's a PINHOLE CAMERA..n yeah, u guess it right, it's EFFING FREE!! All u need is a piece of high quality paper (artcard recommended), double-sided tape, cutter, a printer, 35mm film and whole lotta time to waste doing it (it's a DIY thing, u know). It comes with instructions (see figure 2) n it's in *.pdf. You guys know what it means right?? You could actually change the design to best fit your creativeness. *bunny jumping*

figure 2

The output picts is equally match to a Holga Lomo camera *miss my holga sob sob*. But i have to warn u though, it's not anywhere near to your 'my-daddy-bought-for-my-birthday-present-last-month' expensive DSLR. It's a PAPER camera duuuuuh!!! So...dont expect much aite?? Here's a few sample of the picts.

Download it here. Have fun u guys and try not to cut anything other than papers, your fingers for instance. I will kill u if any lawsuit are file against me. See the Feedjit, i know where u live!!! :P

Credit goes to Corbis Readymech