Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's gonna be 1 hectic month

it's been a while since i last update anything. Been bz with stuffs n shits. Sometime i wish i can separate myself into 2 so i can finish everything twice the speed *berangan mode*. Anyway, do visit Tepak Bridal Photography for my latest work.

So guys, here's some DIY goodies for u guys to play with. It's a PINHOLE CAMERA..n yeah, u guess it right, it's EFFING FREE!! All u need is a piece of high quality paper (artcard recommended), double-sided tape, cutter, a printer, 35mm film and whole lotta time to waste doing it (it's a DIY thing, u know). It comes with instructions (see figure 2) n it's in *.pdf. You guys know what it means right?? You could actually change the design to best fit your creativeness. *bunny jumping*

figure 2

The output picts is equally match to a Holga Lomo camera *miss my holga sob sob*. But i have to warn u though, it's not anywhere near to your 'my-daddy-bought-for-my-birthday-present-last-month' expensive DSLR. It's a PAPER camera duuuuuh!!! So...dont expect much aite?? Here's a few sample of the picts.

Download it here. Have fun u guys and try not to cut anything other than papers, your fingers for instance. I will kill u if any lawsuit are file against me. See the Feedjit, i know where u live!!! :P

Credit goes to Corbis Readymech


z said...

this is freakin cool!