Sunday, November 30, 2008



Jin bayek.

1st time i saw his work years ago, i was amazed. My jaw drop a few meter to the floor. Cair wa akap ama lu bai. Sgt2 cool to have this kind of artist around, we shud have more in fact. Me? Nak baca jawi pon terketar2, let alone doing something as remarkable as this.

He's specialise in Islamic Caligraphies and Ambigrams. The most ridiculous thing is the process of making it. He told me he's doing it without sketching it 1st. He just open his illustrator n do it straight away. Hiah, some lucky bastard are born with talents. *hantuk kepala kat monitor laju2*.
Exarxil Ambigram

He can change ur name into beautiful Caligraphy or Ambigram. Well, for a small fee ofcoz. What?? U expect everything's for free meh??

Tepak Bridal Official Logo :)

Visit his blog and join me 'hantuk'ing our head to the monitor as fast as we can. hns hnss

Link: Awangpurba