Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Go Media Free Vector Stocks

Go Media is the best source so far when dealing with vector graphics. They have this huge big-ass archive of vector stocks and they keep updating it with fresh stocks every now and then. The term they use is Professional Design Weaponry. Cool huh??

Anyway, do check out their Arsenal Section coz they're giving out few sets of vector from time to time. At the meantime, just download these sets of goodies.

download from mirror site

btw guys, if u use some of the stocks here, do email me with ur designs n stuff at boi@tepakbridal.com ..i might post it here.


IcedNyior said...

rs link not available :(

Life In Mono said...

haiyoh...i check the link the other day and it's fine..apparently they took out from RS only just recently. sorry, my bad..

anyway, thanks for notifying fiona, i just replace the link with a new one..

cheers n enjoy :)