Monday, January 12, 2009

The Art of Camera Tossing

What is Camera Tossing? A Camera Toss photo is made by tossing your camera into the air. "Tossing? Are you crazy?" - yes!!! ;-) It doesn't have to be ur expensive DSLR ofcoz, just a normal consumer camera will do, even a cameraphone works fine. The camera is not necessarily tossed very high into the air. Normally you toss the camera about 10 to 20 cm high, sometimes even less. As a subject are mainly used any kind of lights sources like neon signs, TV screens, computer monitors and and..sigh the possibilities are endless.

ehehehe so are you curious now? Have fun and discover the World Of Camera Tossing.

Be careful
Yes it sounds obvious, but I don't think this point can be over stated. Your photographic equipment is important to you and is probably quite expensive, so think before you toss! For example dramatic lighting conditions give good results, but will also make it hard to catch the camera if you loose sight of it.

Have fun
In my eyes the process of taking the shots should be as enjoyable as viewing the results, there is a certain feeling I get when I launch hundreds of pounds worth of camera equipment in to the air and although it probably shouldn't be it is a good feeling. I think this is one of the main factors that keeps me coming back for more.

As aforementioned the camera tossing phenomenon is very new so there is no such thing as an expert, no official guidelines as such, nobody has done it all and camera tossing seems to mean different things to different people, so do what feels right for you and explore the photographic opportunities which present themselves.

Set your camera to 'slow shutter speed' (some digital still camera has this feature) then toss it away!!!

And again, if you ever crazy enuf to try Camera Tossing don’t forget one very important thing: Catch your camera after you toss it! DUH!!!

And 1 more thing, I accepts no responsibility for any injuries to YOU or damage to YOUR photographic equipment sustained during the tossing process! Try at your own effing risk :P

Have fun!!!

Camera Tossing at flickr


undomesticwifey said...

Hi handsome!

*aku bunyik macam surirumah yang gatal kan?*

where to get a disposable mono (mono ke orang panggil?) camera ah?

Life In Mono said...

disposable mono??? 1st time aku dgr beb

disposable camera ke lomo camera??
kalo lomo camera ko carik kat ROOMS klcc ke midvalley ke..

kalo disposable camera ko carik kat kedai kodak

nodadosa said...

lu dah toss lu punya ke blom?

gua toss ...tapi air tak abis2 gak.. demm..

huaahuahuahua :p

mcm biasa.. lu toss gua toss hauahuahuhauahu

Life In Mono said...

tu bukan toss tu...
tu bayo bil air, hanguk tul ehehehe

zer0 said...

apa lagi. toss lah selar (nama saintifik untuk single lens reflex) anda.

ada berani?

kalau berani, make sure simpanan bank anda mencukupi bagi pembelian selar 5dm2.


Life In Mono said...

aku toss ko punyer la..
tapi sblm tu ko kena sign surat lepas tanggungjawab dulu ok??

zer0 said...

hahahahaha. mmg tak laaaaaaaah

weeeeh, tolong akuu~~~

kalau aku nak fulltime photog, banyak job taaak?

sakit weeeh 5 bulan merantau. adoyai.

Life In Mono said...

ok ok lepak dulu..mmg byk job