Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Creative Advertising Part ii

This is damn funny. Yeah it's an old ad..but still...

From Yasmin Ahmad, my idol. She shud get a datukship instead of SRK. Sheeesh

Digi Yellow Coverage Man and The Taiko

And last but not least, the expensive and awesome CGI, Astro Stadium.

Talking about creative ads, i wonder whether La'sinda Cafe fits the descriptions...It's the most annoying tv commercial...EVER!!! but the face of M.Rajoli keep on popping up at the back of my head and i keep on singing their stupid theme song every 5 mins. Waaaaarrrggghhh!!!!


zhmt said...

ahahhahahahahhaha OMG my whole entire kaum kerabat despise lasinda cafe. lawak giler ok~

Falola said...

hahah... sekeru deriver tuh mmg tak sangka2..

Nadhirah Zamrose said...

yasmin ahmad mmg cool...btul la
perlu ke SRK tuh???
ceh -_-"