Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Creative Advertising

What is creative Ads?
Well, creative advertising is advertising that sells. It's not necessarily clever, witty or memorable. It's advertising that simply works. Simply put it this way, it doesn't have to be hardcore hard sell and have almost everything in it, your phone no, your grandma's address or your puppies name. Wei taiko, you wanna sell your products or give your biodata away??? This is where KISS concept applies. KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID!!!

A simple example, few year back there's this dude that spend 30K to put up a billboard to propose a girl to marry him on valentine's day. In the 1st few months, there's this picture of some skinny guy holding a ring and some words. Then suddenly there's a small, but visible, logo of a jewelery company there, and apparently has sponsored the ring to the couple. A fine example of publicity which does not involve much of a cost (im referring to the jewelery company). I nicely conclude that, when u spent 30K for just a 'MARRY ME' proposal, clever is not really a necessity for this guy...but it works. Last i heard, they took some pre-weds picture n post it in a blog somewhere.

There's couple of 4A's agency in Malaysia that would probably cost u the bomb but then again, they do play the biggest part in your promotion campaign. But, this is Malaysia, there's alot of marketing manager slacking off their courses in their uni days and we have ppl with money but not much of a brain to think about creatives.

Aaaaaaanyway, here's some of creative advertising i found while browsing. Some of them are from AdsOfTheWorld. Enjoy!!!

So u think u have a shitty job??

Can someone from Leo Burnett marry me pls???

This is my personal fav :P..yer syg, sayer nak berenti la nih


Aleya Ariana said...

extremely beautiful. enough said. thanks for sharing.

Life In Mono said...

mari berlajo sesame

Aleya Ariana said...

haha tak reti kot. i'm not in this line. pek tgk ni mesti suka. i'm sure you can share more of these with him.. :)

Life In Mono said...

tamau la..
dia hebat, kalo jumpe aku kena ciyom tangan dia mintak dia ajo

Natasha said...

aku suke iklan mcd yg billboard tu... excellent!

Aleya Ariana said...

haha ya right. dia manusia biasa sahaja. everyone is special in their own different ways right? :)

Nadhirah Zamrose said...
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Nadhirah Zamrose said...

ads are goin' guerilla!