Monday, December 8, 2008

Fytullah @ Kromosom

Dewa 19

Dewa 19 2

Tiger Sorcerer - my personal fav

Hanuman Mahrayaman

Fy or better known as Kromosom, is a great illustrator who I stumble upon while googling some time ago and his passion towards computer generated digital art is far outstanding, terbayek, intan payung, gunung meletop tababoom, thus making him a great Photoshop artist. His artwork are breath-taking, giving a whole new level of illustrations, mostly can be seen in local and international magazines and comic books. His approach in his work are very much influenced by the South East Asia arts and culture and he is a household name in the digital art scene who had been working with various publications and clients.

Kromosom Portfolio : DA


jargmehz nsr said...

googling bout him for my final. trying to make sth like diz.. harap2 menjadiklaaah~