Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No flower2, more white space!!!

Haiyah..kenot tahan la, 1st want kalerful, then dun want kaler, want white space. Got flower2 kenot sell etc etc etc. haih..He's the BOSS. I sit there staring at the floor as if i'm not actually there. Well, i do wish that i'm not in the situation this shitty. Yah..I might be exaggerating a bit laaaa but a lot of things happened. It's kinda like a chain of reaction. Domino Effect as my fren called it. A silent painful aftermath after a stressful beginning.

I got a few compliments too many i think. Aaaaa' da boy... few pat on the back... u're the best.. bla bla bla etc etc etc... It doesn't hurt though, it actually make my feet off the floor for a few second. But to be honest, i never really like it. I resented it. I dispise compliments. It somehow keep me in the safe zone. Too comfortable with my existence. I can't evolve. Ermmm..I think that's when the problems come into the picture. Some dreadful whispering, a few lines of YM chats. Let alone that i have to bare with the names that the others gave... I somehow found myself in an uncomfortable ending.

1 thing i learnt about all this was, what u said n do might probably be use againts u afterward. Even when u have no ill intentions towards anybody. Just some simple remarks of some mistakes made in the past. But then again, who the hell am i to pass those remarks in the 1st place anyway. My bad i guess.

I wont give in to hate, life is too short for something so trivial. I might lose my cool once or twice, yeah i do have my fair share of mistakes as well, but at the end of the day, nobody's hurt, we kiss n move on doing our business. Well, that's what i thought. Apparently i was sooooo wrong. I wont try to explain nor will i defend myself. Just a plain simple apology if my words, my actions offended anyone. Both sides have been taking considerable injuries.

Anyway, there's no point to get myself excited over this. There's NO point at all. Same with some politicians out there, no point, only crappy nonsense!!!

And 1 more thing, I was told by my boss today that he actually read this blog, aiyakkk...probably kenot kutuk him anymore la like that... demit!!! But seriously, am i suppose to be worried about this?? it's my personal space. Errrr..ok, well, let me rephrase, I do and fully aware that i'm sharing the contents of this blog with the whole world. So nothing personal about it. Just dun take it PERSONAL!!! I'm not slandering anybody. It's my 2 cents. Deal with it!!! Those who want to read it, read la..dun want then, dun want la.. u happy i happy maa!!!


Natasha said...

pathetic! hate it when those kinda people exist... be careful my friend...