Monday, December 29, 2008

Packaging Box Cutting

Man i love this one, I love doing POS stuffs. Especially the mockup process. My previous company in-house printer is effingly expensive laserjet but the shitty thing about it is it can only print A4 size paper. So the mockup will be incrediblely small from the actually thing. Only after all that came the part i hate the most; trying to explain to my thai boss about the size. The dumbass just dun get it. He somehow got lost in translations. Dey!!! It's a effing mockup....duhhhh!!!. most cases i just give up trying to convience the guy that it's not the real size and tossed it aside n busy myself doing other stuff. Haih

Anyway, the complete collection of 51 *.eps files of packaging cutting complete with score lines, bleeds and cropmarks. U can customize it according to ur own specifications.

So next time if u're having trouble trying to explain to ur dumbass boss, have that sharp army knife ready. My advice is throw it right in the middle of his eyebrow. Headshot and make sure it count or most definitely u're gonna get toss out from ur 12th floor office window.

Download : Deposit


Carmen G said...

is this really free?