Thursday, December 25, 2008


Dear Office-Politics,

I am writing on behalf of a group of diverse and hardworking coworkers among whom morale is at an all time low. Our often optimistic boss have a history of giving us unnecessary jobs and thinks that somehow with all the veto power of a Boss, he decided to be an "ART DIRECTOR" and come up with bogus ideas and hard sell theme in a very old fashion way and after all that, at the end of the day, will get rejected by the clients. To make matters worse, there's an office crab amongst us.

The office crab is a highly opinionated snob who glowers and sulks and spies, tells tales and criticizes everyone, giving them names and pretty much makes my office life sucks. She glowers, sulking, 'ym'ing unsolicited and scathing critiques to peers about their conduct and work product and sulking some more. This individual has a pattern of making herself superior by contrasting herself to the rest.

I have tried to ignore it but now, subconsciously and silently, I face certain sabotage, both individually and as a group. Since I'm the last one who's doing the final checking, I find myself correcting her mistakes before we send our design to the printing company and she's nowhere in sight (gone home). Short of hiring a hitman or spiking the coffee with Clorox Bleach, how do I deal with this? I can't work like this. I find myself already dodging bullets right and left; people with sterling reputations are being undermined and find their work product and peace of mind attacked in new, creative and startling ways everyday. DAMN IT!!!


Natasha said...

a very brave entry my bro... anyway... i think i know who r u talking about.. lol.. chill up, boi!

nodadosa said...

lu kalau perlukan khidmat gua.. call je.. akan gua lenyapkan dia secepat mungkin menggunakan pencungkil gigi sahaja

ho-ho-ho ( <-- ini adalah gelak jahat.. bukan sahaja gelak santa )


miss u robert..muahs.. mehremhremrherhmehrmerhmere :p