Monday, December 1, 2008

Pek Thong


Ok ok, this is gonna be the last entry for today.

Here's one of our local 'Dark Surreal Artist'. He wishes that i dun say his real name out load, but i'm gonna say it anyway, Mohd Husairy (not sure if i spell it right eheheheh) aka Pekthong aka Ayah Pek. We did a colloboration some time ago in PsychoProject. Haih, I missed that good old days.
i'm not silence


He is the best local Graphic Artist i've seen so far (apart from eiii, i'll update an entry about him next time). The way he manupulates the pictures that he took n turn it into something twisted is something to be praise about. Mixed media is the term he use to call it. By the way, he's into photography as well with his "kamera beso muka" DSLR camera, byk groupies mamat nih.

manual trauma (my personal fav)

This is a picture of me taken by him in Pantai Linggi Melaka few years back

Kepala dah gonjeng, tapi otak masih ligat. I hope u enjoy his work as much as i did. Cheers and enjoy!

Pekthong's DA


nodadosa said...

anda semua dah join fanclub ayahpek di fesbuk? katakan ya kepada ayahpek!!~ hahahaha cam cihibai je gua hahaah

b said...

ayahpek ader fesbuk??wah dah pandai bersosial